Let Smile Rule

The whites weren’t wrong when they said laughter is the best medicine Take it as a necessity to always put smile on somebody’s face. ©Onwuama Lawrence Advertisements

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My First School Mistake

MY FIRST SCHOOL MISTAKE Even before I welcomed friends the glacial weather welcomed me. My legs couldn’t carry me, As I fought the phobia of a new vicinity. Heads down as I walked down the aisle in class. I felt like the whole world was watching me. Like a must watch movie. Comfortability wasn’t ringing […]

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*I QUIT* I’ve gagged to feign I’ve blazoned out pain I’ve adorned the light to sorrow I’ve sang beautifully and groaned. Now, I quit. I thought I could grease my pencils I thought I could reason like artists I thought I could draw too How I cherished to iron my cloth But, my clasp was […]

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The Woman’s Voice

The Woman’s Voice I have a goal, To escape the unwanted husband my parents gave me… He is a burden, piercing through hearts. Father! I have grown wrinkles. Mother! My face is an enemy to laughter. Give me poison, To Wash my soul away From the boulevards of misery. Let a table be set and […]

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Getting this message means that you are considered a friend, I’ve learnt from you this year and I respect you a great deal. I’m using this avenue to appreciate you and wish you a joyous Christmas and blessed new year in advance. May God grant you and your family divine grace and favour. Amen

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Unheard Voices

UNHEARD VOICES They are the low class citizens in our society, who make a living in the boulevard of misery. All sort of affliction and disaster cuddles them, like the cool breeze does to the soaring bird. They depend on the street to home feeding, While our leaders sit like gods on a table of […]

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To Our Soldiers

TO OUR SOLDIERS How I admire the brittleness and neatness of their uniforms. These men in their jackboots and alarming guns. By their hands they voluntary sign their death warrants. The country’s defense lies in their hands. What a risky contract! Countless severe trainings has sucked out the vaccines of kindness in them. They are […]

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