Heaven’s Call(EPITAPH)

HEAVEN’S CALL The way death pays visits to my friends and family, Without a receipt. Makes me think I am the next on the list. The silent treading of death,I can hear from afar. My heart beats so fast,like the drums of the drummer. When I am gone, You can forget I ever lived. But […]

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Poetry Contest

Dear dark skinned girl, The lovely pigment of your skin I so much envy, Like a pudding with chocolate caramel topping. Just the way your cheeks spread apart, Exposing your shimmering dentition. Accompanied with a genuinely sweet smile, Buries me deep down in the world of admiration. I heard beauty fades, But sincerely not in […]

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MY FAULT Everyday I seem to give you a reason, To stop trying. Everyday I give you a reason To stop putting so much effort; My fault,My fault. Even when I tried, My efforts never seem to be enough. Even when I feel I went the extra mile, I never seem to be able to […]

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*MY FLUTE AND I* All alone, in the midst of boredom, In the empty and lonely room, As I hummed the Johannes Brahm’s lullaby_ Expecting a miracle from heaven, to revolve the world just above my head, And cause the lad to sleep. As I roamed in the sea of thoughts, With my mind in […]



* IMMORALITY IN OUR LIVING ROOM: THE BIG BROTHER NAIJA SHOW.* “`There’s a notorious programme currently going on called THE BIG BROTHER NAIJA. The winner of this notorious show is expected to walk away with a whopping N25 million and a breathtaking car. All that is required to win this show is to be Live […]


Unheard voices

UNHEARD VOICES The cicatrix tells the story, Tales of pains,wails and agony, Hidden behind her veil, and wasn’t told, Until death caressed her with a sudden cold. Her claws couldn’t combat her father’s porous pores. Her voice couldn’t pitch soprano of snores. Her heart bled her laps shed tears but there was no panacea. As […]

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