BLOOD IN THE CHURCH What a fateful Sunday it was! Faithfuls headed to the church to pray only to get slain, By dreadful men with rotten heart whose hands are already bloodsoaked. Ooh! A very sanguine sight to behold. The power of this illegal powder has caused brothers to kill brothers. Bloodspills on the sacred […]


So long has the farmer waited for this harvest rain. Different challenges bechanced his cultivation processes, Pests and Diseases betid his olives and grains; Thus reducing his crop yield to a recess Quitting wasn’t his prior but instead Optimism. He flicks away tiny droplets of the rain on his forehead and looks up Behold! the […]


 Jungle justice At the mention of the word Thief All street hunters takes to their heels; like hungry dogs chasing so hard after their feeds. With weapons and the law firm in their hands The scenario becomes a “blood spills and no chills zone.” And death the outcome of the whole show Hey come let’s […]


Rolls continuously from the east side to the west side of his bed, Yawns so hard and leaving his mouth open like the fish that swallowed Jonah. If not for the hungry cry of his stomach,he possibly would lay for 24hours Eating,Bathing,Sleeping are his daily schedules What a jobless man! He has become useless and […]