The wounds you bore in my heart, Has now become scars. You were never meant for me. Now I know because I’ll be living free. Finally out of this emotional prison. Jail term is over and you can see this. ©Onwuama Lawrence I been going hard on myself for so long,bu one thing I didn’t […]

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Houses On Sale

ABC GARDENS ITORI EWEKORO ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A LOCATION WITH GOOD INFRASTRUCTURE? ABC GARDENS ITORI EWEKORO is an exquisite land space located within a serene environment. It is over 50 hectares land mass. It has good road network, and is located within the centre of commercial activities. It is also very conducive, you will […]

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For Lota

Dear dark skinned girl, The lovely pigment of your skin I so much envy, Like a pudding with chocolate caramel topping. Just the way your cheeks spread apart, Exposing your shimmering dentition. Accompanied with a genuinely sweet smile, Buries me deep down in the world of admiration. I heard beauty fades, But sincerely not in […]

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Let Smile Rule

The whites weren’t wrong when they said laughter is the best medicine Take it as a necessity to always put smile on somebody’s face. ©Onwuama Lawrence

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My First School Mistake

MY FIRST SCHOOL MISTAKE Even before I welcomed friends the glacial weather welcomed me. My legs couldn’t carry me, As I fought the phobia of a new vicinity. Heads down as I walked down the aisle in class. I felt like the whole world was watching me. Like a must watch movie. Comfortability wasn’t ringing […]

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*I QUIT* I’ve gagged to feign I’ve blazoned out pain I’ve adorned the light to sorrow I’ve sang beautifully and groaned. Now, I quit. I thought I could grease my pencils I thought I could reason like artists I thought I could draw too How I cherished to iron my cloth But, my clasp was […]

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The Woman’s Voice

The Woman’s Voice I have a goal, To escape the unwanted husband my parents gave me… He is a burden, piercing through hearts. Father! I have grown wrinkles. Mother! My face is an enemy to laughter. Give me poison, To Wash my soul away From the boulevards of misery. Let a table be set and […]

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