TIPS FOR HAVING A SPLENDID DAY        When can you say,”yes my day went well!” Different things are put in place to ensure the smooth running of the day’s activities.   ***********PRAYER*************    Once you wake up to see a brand new day,it’s very essential for you to reverence your creator,either as a […]


     Andy ran towards Jake also screaming “somebody please bring water!” He was accompanied to a seat ” is he okay?” the lady who volunteered her bottle of water asked “yeah, after he’d have taken this” Andy replied handing Jake the water who rushed it like he had been stranded in the desert for […]


     All work and no jokes make fans of poetic bane uneasy to crack up😅😅. Don’t just be rich in money,be reach in laughter and happiness. I bet you would be rolling on the floor laughing💃💃,by the time you see this . More current toons would be coming your way Art by:Ugo Jesse


Episode 2       Everyone shuffled even Jake who was totally oblivious of what the pairing was for. He was paired with a young lady who he first thought was a woman probably in her late forties: her shape was the total opposite of Karen’s nothing close to an hourglass she would need decades […]


    SIR ERIATA ORIBHABOR – THE POET We thought of celebrating Nigerian/African poets who have been of great impact to their respective societies and the world at large. The name of Sir Eriata Oribhabor, occurred to us. He has been doing so much in ensuring that voices of younger poets are heard around the […]


                          EPISODE 1         He finally joined the gym class, not because he had a lot of weight to loose or was preparing to be a wrestler. Jake had the perfect physique, brown eyes and skin,  his body structure would have you confuse […]

Monday Motivation

Have you tried?        Do you think you should stop trying? Absolutely No! Those dreams you’re always having are not just mere pictures of the mindset;they are accomplishment pictures to your future . It is an imaginary fulfilment,hereby putting you on the right track of life,it only requires your commitment and optimistic spirit. […]